Proofing Your Photos and Selecting Favorites

You will receive a link to view your photo gallery on my website (which is hosted by With these proofs (samples) you can make a set of favorites and send the list to me for editing, print requests, retouching, etc. Note that some services may cost an extra fee, depending on which photography package you selected.

You can also leave comments and indicate if/how you would like the photo re-cropped. The online gallery tools are a way to help us communicate. 

Here is a video tutorial on the proofing process.

Proofing PhotosHow to Proof Photos, select favorites, and communicate with your photographer via your online photo gallery.


Purchasing Prints Through My Website

You can purchase almost any of the prints you see through the Gallery or elsewhere on the site.  The order will be fulfilled by Zenfolio, which provides a money back guarantee for all prints.  Also, all orders get double checked by me before going to print. This allows me to ensure that you've selected the best options for that size.  The purchasing screens can be a little complex.  Here is a walkthrough to help you out.  You can also skip to the bottom to read about purchasing directly through me.

Purchasing Direct (For Custom Orders)

If you prefer direct transactions, I accept Paypal and Google Checkout.  Prices are similar to those available through the gallery, but I can offer additional options such as framing, mounting, greeting cards, and enlargements beyond what is available there.  I can also provide bulk discounts.  All items will still be of the same high quality from my professional lab.

Mounting Options

I am a fan of frameless prints.  I think it imparts a modern aesthetic that better highlights the image.

But which option should you choose?  Styrene, gatorfoam, 3/4" standout?  You can see them in action here:  ProDPI Mounting Showcase

Please email if you want anything not listed here.