Etched in Pixels Photography | BMW and Saveur's Culinary Road Trip Part One: The Cars

BMW and Saveur's Culinary Road Trip Part One: The Cars

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I’ve really fallen behind on the blog posts.  I have all this work but not enough time to post it!

Thought I’d share some photos from an event I shot in September. Those last days of summer were great.  I wish I could hang on to them all year round.

Unfortunately we in the Northern hemisphere now have several months of winter to slog through. So for now I’ll don my warm cap, fasten my scarf around my shoulders, and imagine I’m sitting on the patio enjoying a nice summer breeze.


The event was a collaboration between BMW of Mountain View and Saveur Magazine. The dealership invited its top customers to test drive some of their high end vehicles. Then they sat down to an excellent meal composed by Saveur and The Four Seasons.

black and white of a BMW from the front20130917_Car-Black_011_DSC_1990-Edit

These cars were immaculate.


Hubcap and logo from a BMW with details of the brake calipers20130917_Car-Black_021_DSC_0955

It wouldn’t be car porn without some detail shots, right?


Woman in skirt photographing a white BMW20130917_Cars_109_DSC_2237

Customers getting in on the photo action.


Illuminated gauges from a BMW dashboard20130917_Car-Red_19_DSC_2094-Edit


Red BMW car hood and grille20130917_Car-Red_003_DSC_2023

Love that BMW grille design.


Asian lady being passed an hors d20130917_Cars_118_DSC_2253

Guests enjoy a bite of heirloom tomato soup with truffled grilled cheese.


View from the patio chairs20130917_Cars_059_DSC_2187


Woman signing in customers20130917_Cars_042_DSC_2165-2

The dealership staff were there, merrily checking in their customers and fielding questions.

Staff of the BMW Mountain View dealership20130917_Cars_006_DSC_2090

The dealership staff, ready to assist you!


Sales rep leans in to instruct drivers20130917_Cars_011_DSC_2398

A rep gives directions to some ladies taking out this Alpina.


Motion blur of white and red BMWs in a turnaround20130917_Cars_170_DSC_2377

Customers had about an hour to test drive the cars.


Laughing man highlighted in backseat of a BMW as it drives by.20130917_Cars_141_DSC_2341

This just cracked me up. This man looks like he’s having so much fun! Like this should be an ad for winning the lottery.


I have a lot more pictures, but since the event was 4 hours I thought I would break them into several posts. Do you prefer this style of post or one with more of an essay style?

What’s your favorite German car?


Happy African American man shaking hands with BMW sales representative20130917_Cars_096_DSC_2220

Thanks for reading!

Images were shot with a Nikon D600 and Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VC.

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